Saturday, November 19, 2011

Children in Distress

In October 2011, Carol, myself and other members of the Kwan Um School of Zenvisited the Linh Son Vietnamese-Chinese Temple in Kushinagar, Northern India. There we met Rev. Thích Nữ Trí Thuận, a Vietnamese Buddhist Nun who came to the temple in 1989 and founded the school there. The current enrollment is 335 but over 6000 children have gone through the school saving them from a life of disease, poverty, and exploitation. The school is funded through donations and by renting rooms to travelers making thier pilgrimage along the "Buddha Trail" from Varinasi to Lumbini, Nepal.

We were so impressed with the school and the staff there, we decided to pledge10% of all our internet box sales to help support the school. This was not our first trip to India and we observed the povery in the North to be worse than other areas we had visited before.

As the Holiday season approaches, this would be a good time to select a gift for a loved one that will help one of these children.

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