Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tamo Ash Wood

Tamo Ash, sometimes known as Japanese Ash, is another beautiful wood used in my boxes. Tamo comes from Southeast Asia, usually Japan. This type of wood is not in great supply, but has very unique and stunning features.

Tamo Ash's grain pattern is unlike that of any other ash species. The grain is very swirly and is often referred to as "peanut" grain as the bubble-like surface often resembles a peanut. Tamo Ash also produces a very dramatic "waterfall" effect which is made even more beautiful with staining.

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Source: Wood-Veneer

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wenge Lumber

Wenge Lumber is one of the woods I use in my unique boxes! As with many exotic woods, it is usually selected for its dramatic appearance and color.

Wenge is typically found in Zaire and other small countries in West Africa. There are about 40 species of the Millettia Tree (which is the family of this wood) and these trees can grow 90 feet high and 3-4 feet around.

This wood is straight grained with a very coarse texture and stripes of blackish brown to light tan. Wenge sands reasonably well and gives a beautiful finish, if oiled properly. That being said, Wenge is a very porous wood and getting a good finish on it usually requires a skilled woodworker. 

A few important things to note when working with Wenge:

1. Dust collection is essential when working wit this wood, as it can become toxic if ingested.
2. Any slivers or splinters should be attended to immediately as they can fester.

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Source: TheWoodBox

Sunday, October 16, 2011

KB-1 Keepsake Box

This exotic wood box is just the place to tuck away cards, stamps, matches, or any other papers or knick-knacks you can think of!

The body is American Cherry with Wendge Dovetai splines at the mitered corners. The lid is a laminated panel of the exotic woods listed below with concealed slot hinges.

Woods Used:
Bloodwood - Brazil
Wenge - Africa
Canarywood - Brazil
Movingui - Africa
Curly Maple - USA

This box is signed and all of the woods you see above are listed on the bottom of the box. The bottom of this gorgeous box is lined with a tan suede cloth to give your valuables a safe and comfortable home!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

HB-3 Humidor

This handsome amboyna burl and Ebony has a unique look and feel. The body is constructed from solid spanish cedar with a cedar liner. This humidor will hold approximately 75 cigars.

The outside of the box is is veneered with amboyna burl with gabon ebony inlays at the corners. Other features include:

  • Solid brass Brusso quadrant hinges.
  • A Cigar Caddy Humidifier.
  • A Hygroset 2 Digital Hygrometer.
  • A hygrometer calibration kit
  • Directions on how to set up and care for your humidor.

    No stains are used. This is the natural color of the woods.
    This box is signed and all the woods used are listed on the bottom.
    This beautiful one-of-a-kind box is finished with 5 coats of lacquer and hand rubbed to a high luster.

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