Thursday, February 7, 2013

Additional February Show

In addition to the 2 later weekends in February in which I am participating in juried art shows, listed HERE, I have added a show for this weekend: 
February 9-10
Boca Museum Art Festival
Mizner Park
Boca Raton, Florida
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
Adults $15, Seniors $12, Students $8, Children under 12 and members free
Booth 314

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wood of the Month: Olive Ash Burl

The term Olive Ash does not refer to any specific species of Ash (Fraxinus genus), but instead is in reference to the darker heartwood found in some Ash trees, which tends to resemble the wood of Olive trees in the Olea genus. And it should come as little surprise that Olive Ash can be a dead ringer for actual Olive, (with the exception of the porous grain structure, which gives its true identity away easily), because both Ash and Olive are placed in the same family: Oleaceae.

The dark-on-light stripes of Olive Ash are also vaguely reminiscent of Zebrawood; though interestingly enough, the darker portions of Olive Ash do not correspond to the growth rings on the tree, but are independent of them, as can be observed from the endgrain scan seen below.

Olive Ash is a sought-after veneer, as well as desired for turning blanks. Olive Ash burl in particular is a highly valued veneer for its unique colors and swirly grain patterns.which make finishing a problem since glue will seep throught these areas and bead up on the outer surface. The glue seepage problem is aggravated by the fact that the warping creates a requirement that strong uniform pressure be applied during glue curing so as to avoid an uneven final surface. For very small projects (a few square inches), I've solved the problem by laminating two or more pieces of veneer together with plastic food wrap keeping the glue from seeping onto the clamping blocks and then sanding off most of the glue seepage.

Monday, January 21, 2013

February Shows

February 15-17, Presidents' Day Weekend
50th Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival
South of downtown Miami, adjacent to beautiful Biscayne Bay. It runs for 1 mile along the streets of McFarlane Road, South Bayshore Drive and Pan American Drive.
Miami, Florida
Saturday, Sunday & Monday 10am-6pm
$10, $5 residents of Coconut Grove Buy Online
Free for: Children 12 and under, Metrorail Golden Passport and Patriot Passport holders.

February 23-24
Naples National
The Von Liebig Art Center, Cambier Park & 8th Street South
Naples, Florida
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
Suggested $5 donation
Free parking, free shuttle

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dream Shop Come True

It took two months, but my new shop is finally up and running. I am amazed what doubling the area can do. Good lighting, ventilation, dust collection and the ability to walk around without bumping into things can create a much healthier and happier work place.

Saw Stop and Drum Sander

Drum Sander, Belt Sander, Band Saws

Dust Collection

Friday, January 4, 2013

January Shows

January 5-6
Las Olas Art Fair
Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

January 19-29
Beaux Arts Miami
Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami
Miami, Florida
Booth 171

January 26-27
Mile Marker 81.5
Islamorada, Florida
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
$5 for Adults
Free for Children 0-12, seniors over 65, active duty military, and disabled persons
Parking is in remote lots with free transportation every 15 minutes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Heirloom Recipes

This year, in place of purchased gifts, ask your closest friends and family members to write down their favorite recipe on one or more 4"x6" index cards, add their name and the year, and mail them to you.

Collect them all and store them in one of our beautiful outrigger boxes.

During the year, jot down any recipes that were particularly good and worthwhile.

Next year, repeat the process.

Soon, you'll have an amazing collection that will be the treasure of your family and a wonderful gift to pass on  for a family member's wedding or other big occasion. You could even reproduce the cards and present newlyweds with their very own box to continue the tradition!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Capture Those Memories

We are all familiar with the concept of capturing your family's memories on film, be it still images or video footage. But what about all those cute things your kids say? Or those sweet things your spouse does for you? These are memories to treasure, but they've been difficult to keep until now.

With Facebook and Twitter, it's easier than ever to share your little moments with friends and family, but in a month or two, do you remember what phrase your child used or where you were when you heard it? It's best to capture these things as they happen, just like you would with your camera. That way they stay fresh forever.

Here is your project:
  • Buy a small notepad
  • Get a pen
  • When those little moments happen, jot them down
  • Remember to add the date
  • Store them in one of our beautiful boxes, sure to compliment your decor
  • At the end of the year, or as you remember, slip them all into an envelope 
  • Store in your family photo album
Now you can keep and treasure all those little moments forever.

Want to give this as a gift? Sort through your friend's Facebook or Twitter posts and pull down things from their life and give them a box full of memories to start with. Tuck in a notebook and a pen to let them continue a new family tradition!